Friday, October 12, 2012

How "Turning A Blind Eye" Gets Its Meaning

Last week, I was doing my shopping as usual. I would look around at the home improvement department while my wife will shop for our grocery. Soon, we met up at the washing detergent area. They were doing a promotion item on one of the dish washing liquid. My wife chose the fragrance while I look for cheaper alternative than the one she was about to buy. You see, I don't mind spending less on cleaning detergent even if it is the hypermarket brand. After all, it does not matter if the brand is Glo or Tesco Value or Kedai Rakyat or Mydin. As long as you get the job done.

Mosquito spray and repellent shares the same lane with the dish liquid. One family was standing near to me. In that family, I noticed one of their children managed to grab hold of a mosquito spray and get to press the spray nozzle and release a spray. He was smiling and amazed by his new found 'toy'. On the other side, I  was annoyed and shocked at the same time. Naughty little rascal. His parents didn't keep an eye on him. Soon, his elder sister (by one or two years) was walking towards him. There was this devilish face in that young little boy' eyes.

He does not know the purpose and the effect of the canister he was holding you see. He might thought that it is just the Power Ranger water gun he had at home. Or maybe the spray his dad used to neutralize 'nuclear radiation' after a toilet session. He was about to aim the spray on the face of his sister whom was not really knew what 'toy' holding either. I was standing 2 meter away. AS the sister walk nearer to him..... His brother was about to exert force on the nozzle spray. I quickly dashed to the boy....

I shouted, "No!!!"

With my out-stretched left hand managed to cover the nozzle, I pulled the canister away from his hands. All the sudden, the shoppers at the same lane startled. The father of that boy saw me. Without explaining anything, his father knew what had happened. The boy was red-faced. His once devilish eye now brimful with guilt. Though no clapping hands like how a superhero saves the day, I felt a hero in my heart. I knew if I turned a blind eye initially, the poor little sister might not be able see another ray of light. Blind.

Unless she worn something like this.


Jennifer said...

Why la even you go shopping also you got so dramatic story. Haha! So how's your new working place?

Boon Chuan said...

wa. chap chap :-)